Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yarn bombing and other crafts

I have become a part of several different artist groups over the past few months.  This group is by
far the most fun ;)  I have been asked to participate in a Yarn Bombing in an adjacent town.  Since I am just learning crochet I thought this would be a great way to practice stitches.  I am having lots of fun working with strange combinations I would not usually put together.  It has helped me get out of my safety zone.  This piece when finished will be 15 x 41 inches!  If you are not familiar with what this is I am adding a link to some examples. 

While working on my piece today I sat on my front porch and listened to Major Pettigrews Last Stand.  Since I am doing so much sewing and it doesn't leave me much time to read I have decide to listen to some of the books on my Goodreads list of books to read.  This list is growing ever longer since I keep looking at their suggestions! 

I have been very neglectful of my blog of late because of all the sewing and reading and other art pursuits.  Who knew you could be so busy when unemployed! I have also negelected my Etsy store so I am making a committment here that I will fill it up by the middle of July.  I have items I just need to photograph so I am going to do this this weekend.  Here are some things I have been busy with.

These are the pillows made from vintage tablecloths that I have not put in local shops.  These will be in my Etsy store soon.

 I also joined an ATC (artist trading card) group and these are some I have made but may not trade but put in my shop as Aceo's  I am having a lot of fun making these small pieces of art.

 This is a digital ATC I made to trade. The theme was sun, moon, stars
This one everyone had to use the little girl's image they provided.  I did this one digital and printed it on fabric.
 These are the cards I received in the swap with the little girls image.

This is another version I did for the sun, moon, stars.
I hope you have been inspired to do something crafty this weekend!

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  1. Yarn bombing is great! I've been spending a lot of time chilling and not doing much blogging. Till now. I wanted to tell you that I got the Linky going on my Things I Learned In June post. I am hoping you'll want to play along.