Saturday, December 1, 2012

Thrifting and Estate Finds

I have to apologize for keeping all of my fantastic finds to myself!
 I have just been so distracted with creating and doing local craft shows for the holidays I have not been able to put my mind into writing or editing photos for my blog. 
I really want to post things that inspire and not just post something to just put up a post. 

I have been to several great sales this fall and found so many things I want to make into great stuff!  I finally finished all the I Pad and Nook cases that I had designed and cut out so now I can start working with my vintage finds.
 I found this great bookcase for $2.00!
I plan to paint it and use it to organize the following fabrics.

 Vintage tablecloths! I got all these from one lady at a garage sale. They didn't have any linens at the sale but I usually ask or tell them I am looking for old linens so they don't get an attitude when I just look and leave.  I'm weird but I don't like to disappoint the sellers. Anyway the Mom said she had a bunch at home.  She actually went home and brought 3 boxes of linens and fabrics back to her daughter's for me to go through!  I didn't photograph the fabrics I got, just these great Retro tablecloths. I couldn't believe she had so many!

 The linens above and the next 5 images were from an estate sale that was in a building in downtown Dayton where these people had a costume rental business but they were also hoarders.

 Jack pot!  1 sale, unbelievable.
 This dress/nightie is beautiful.  And the photo below is of 5 very old aprons.  I plan to rework 2 of them into something I can wear to my summer shows.  I need to dress like my booth, I think. 

 Jewels to add to bags, bottles or maybe I'll just wear some of them myself.  At the same store I found the jewelry I found this box of typewriter keys! I have been wanting a charm bracelet with these type keys in my families initials for a few years and they were all here!  My friend Julie is going to make them into my bracelet. I can't wait.

 I have a thing for watch faces.  These reminded me of my Mom so I picked them up pretty cheep.
Had big hopes for these fall colored fabrics but I ran out of time so I guess they will have to wait till next fall.  The basket is already holding fabrics I'm in the process of re~purposing!

I hope I gave some of you some eye candy to enjoy.


  1. I am soooo jealous of the keys and watch faces! Love the fabrics too

  2. I've been missing my blog-hopping time, and I wanted to pop in with a quick hello. I've been missing you. I hope you are having a very, very wonderful holiday season. Merry Christmas, friend.

  3. Relyn, thanks for posting. I'll try to do better in 2013! Have you started the creepy book yet?