Monday, May 7, 2012

Antique Extravaganza is Comming!

 It's almost here!
In 2 weeks the Springfield Antique Extravaganza will finally be here.  I can not wait to spend the day with my friends looking at some of my favorite things.
 These are some of the great stuff we saw last September
They have 3 BIG shows a year, as well as shows most every weekend. The big ones are really BIG.
100's of booths it takes all day to see what we want to see.

 Some of the vendors do such a wonderful job displaying their items

  I Love frogs
this is a strange obsession with me. Not sure why I like them.

 I love these old letters too!

 Bottles like I make :)
 Cute button flowers

 I need this sign, I should have purchased it.
Do you like JUNK?

I am linking to Nick of Time vintage Tuesday Linky party if you want to see more lovely "junk"


  1. I'm still sitting on the fence abt going this yr.

  2. Very cool stuff! I love this kind of stuff - keys, frogs, etc. :)