Monday, October 3, 2011

A Little Complaint and more Good News

 I don't want to sound ungrateful here. 
Life really is getting so much better.
We don't have Internet yet.

I love my house
I love living in the country
I miss my Internet!

I came into town to do laundryy and to put a very uplifting blog entry on here.
I started the laundry
I had 40 minutes
I already had it written out so this should work.
I went to Tim Hortons, ordered a sandwich and sat down to log on....

It wouldn't let me.
I rebooted, reloaded, turned my laptop on and off, on and off.
I messed around until I was out of time
I felt like this lady but I controlled myself.

so, back to the laundrymat, put clothes into dryer.
1 hour - this should be enough time.
drive across street to McDonalds
order a snack size McFlurry (got to support the people who provide the wifi)
Log on success!
Start to catch up on my friends and a girl behind me is applying for something on line and is reading all of it to someone on the phone. really?
Couple across from me talking softly then she gets real loud.
She is on her phone.
I put on head phones to drown out these rude people and I can still hear the kid to my left, the man (with the loud lady)  has a ringger on his phone that goes off and sounds like a siren. 
I start looking out the window for the emergency vehicle.
Another guy sits near me and starts talking on his phone, loudly.
Remember, I have music in my ears now.
Now a team meeting accross the dinningroom.

Forget it. 
I'll write my uplifting entry when I am more in the mood.
Maybe when my $700.00 check comes from the colon test study I did comes in and I can pay for internet at our new place.
Yeah, that is another story.
2 colonoscopys for a study for a camera pill rather than the traditional scope.

I had to do both

to compare

I don't have to tell you I had never had one done before I signed up.
O well, I got paid $700.00 (not here yet) and 5 pollops removed.
I can't consentrate here so I'll just leave you with this entry and a bit of good news.
I got a new job!
The original reason for coming to town, to update you all and leave you uplifted. Like I felt.
I'll get back with you with that one.  New job starts tomorrow so it maybe a few days before I can find a quiet place to blog.  I'll shoot for Starbucks after work on Wed.


  1. Well, good for the polyp removals ... curious. How did the pill vs the instruments work ... better or worse than one another.

    Oh,, don't we all have days like this. Hope things work out better for you & internet comes your way quickly.

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Great on the job...interested on hearing more abt it. Devon has had both for diagnostic reason - the pill one could see the smaller intestine better than a regular colonscopy (she's had those too) but we had to pay for the your way better! One day I need to pick your brain abt etsy...I getting ready to make the jump

  3. Yea!! Things really are turning around for you. I hope the job is wonderful because you certainly are. Hope the $700 gets here certainly earned that money! Ha