Monday, May 25, 2009

Keeping in Touch With My Innerchild

I took this walk last week and have been so busy I couldn't get time to work on the images and write this story. As always I only want to share beautiful, inspiring images so sometimes like this when I see so many cool things on one walk it just takes a bit longer to get everything together. I really didn't want to go for a walk but Cooper was whining so I had to go. I came to this path I have walked hundreds of times but this day I noticed these beautiful white blooms hanging from the locust trees. The fragrance was awesome and as I looked close they looked like orchids and as I looked up they made a beautiful white canopy. I went back home to get my camera then spent the next half hour photographing things that just moved me.

Aren't these blossoms beautiful!

On one of the many blogs I visit someone was talking about fairies and as I was in the forest I came up on 2 different trees with what looks to me like fairie doors! Except one was pretty large hopefully it's not an ogre's house.

next I came upon these toadstools! Do you think maybe faries live here too? The clusters made me think of condos :).

I can see how one of my favorite children's authors Beatrix Potter came up with all of her clever stories while she spent so much time outdoors among the wildlife. I think Peter was visiting me this day too! I am so glad I have not lost touch with my child within! And I am thankful that Cooper needs walks so I get out and enjoy all that God has created for us to enjoy.
Hope you all enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend!


  1. Such beauty and whimsy!!! Wish I could write a children's story based on those photos!!

  2. Love your photos - there's nothing like a walk in the woods - and you really captured the beauty! I love the smell of the locust blooms too!

    Take care, Kathy