Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I Hate TV! It is such a waste of time and makes my mind go to mush. Well not the cool informative channels. But still when I want to get something done it's a real distraction. I have recently gotten addicted to watching 2 mindless crazy shows on Mondays that totally wreck my reading time but I can't help it they are funny. Maybe it is because I haven't really watched TV for at least 2 years with any regularity, that I am just starved for distraction or maybe it's because my brain is so tired of reading. I LOVE BOOKS! I love information and learning and growing so I have spent a lot of time reading over the past 10 years. Between my book club, my current interest in historical fiction and spiritual growth it doesn't leave much time for anything else. Then there is the new problem...The Internet. Now I am addicted to checking the blogs I like, my facebook friends and learning how to promote my business here on the web. I just don't have time for TV! Now in the last 3 weeks I have found a new show on Tuesdays I am interested in so I might as well go back to watching NCIS too. 2 wasted nights. I'll just have to get up early so I can get time to post my blogs. This is the reason I am using anyway for not keeping up here this month. TV. Well I'll just have to commit the rest of my evenings to books and blogs. I'll also get some art in there too or I won't have a blog!
So here is the inspirational art part!
The other morning we had a hard frost. Some of the pretty flowering trees were affected ( is it affected or effected? Never could get that one down) anyway, The sun was shining so brightly the next morning and our neighbors tree was just stunning. I was so thankful it wasn't frost bitten and brown. I thought I should stop taking that beautiful tree for granted and capture the beauty before the blooms are gone. So here are a few images of our beautiful magnolia tree. I hope you enjoy!

Have a great day!


  1. Such beautiful pictures, and I was so glad to see a post from you. Your last comment on my blog mentioned your daughter traveling to Italy. I was concerned after the earthquakes there last week.

  2. Thanks so much for your concern. She was on a night train to Rome from Paris and was not effected. She had a wonderful time and is home safe! I will post some images eventually!

  3. Oh, I bet she did have a great time. I look forward to seeing the pictures!

  4. Hey, there...

    I tagged you on my blog. Check it out and play along if you are interested:

  5. Love the floral pics. Come check mine out. I love the rebirth of spring. Glad to hear your daughter is safe. TTFN ~ Marydon

  6. Hey thanks for checking out my blog! and yes i'm pretty sure those clouds turned into not much more than some rain... that pic is not from today... few months ago I think. We sure have had a lot of rain in the last few days though!
    Lovely photos here. :)

  7. Everyone should have a tree such as this. So pretty. Love your dogs, the buildings in the tornado town, your teacups are devine and i'm still reading. Come on over to my place for a visit when you can. Thanks for having me.

  8. Come join my Mother's Day contest, tell your friends about it.


    TTFN ~ Marydon

  9. Answering your question from my blog: No, you don't have to invite only bloggers. Non-blogging readers can reply in the comments section. But PLEASE don't feel obligated to do it. Really. :-)