Saturday, April 24, 2010

Flower Power Fun

I am very fortunate to live near one of the most artsy towns in America. It is called Yellow Springs. Many people from near by towns call it the "hippy town". My girls and I like it because everyone has their style and it is a fun, friendly, arty community.
Some ladies started a group to help beautify the streets with felt flowers. There were already poles decorated with knitting and other various things but they decided to add lots of pretty felt flowers too!
Here are the ladies (and 2 little boys) making their flowers. They meet every Friday morning at Brother Bear Cafe. The two small flowers in the center of the bottom photo are the ones the little guys made! The grey and pink flower was one of my 1st flowers I made.

I just saw a post on my Facebook and decided to join them. These ladies have been so much fun! My oldest daughter is in from Chicago this week so she joined me too! She enjoyed the conversation that went on among the women. My favorite comment was made by Corrine. She said she was ok with her "Fatattude"! I love hanging out with artist, we are so much fun!
Check out their blog for other fun projects.


  1. What a delightful post to come across with your beautiful photographs :) thank you from the heart and so glad you joined us.
    Corrine aka jafabrit

  2. ps. and thank you for your beautiful flowers :)

  3. Hi Sherri,

    I love your blog! You have a great eye for placement. I like how you collage photos to give a sense of the big picture. I especially like the "Jafagirls working hard" collage. Hope to see you again on Friday.

  4. Nice blog, Sherri - glad you've joined us!

  5. Very nice blog! I enjoyed reading about Yellow Springs Flower Power and your photographs are beautiful! I hope to move to Yellow Springs soon and join in the flower making fun!